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Special offer
Drehschemelwagen Roos
Drehschemelwagen Roos
54.47 €
Football field with clubhouse, micro-sound grandstand and floodlights
Football field with clubhouse, micro-sound grandstand and floodlights
186.26 €
Schwenkdachwagen,  ZSR, Uagps, olive brown
Schwenkdachwagen, ZSR, Uagps, olive brown
48.77 €
Hobby-Shop How to buy

How to buy?

If you are interested for buying, just put the selected items into the shopping cart and order it. To take an advantage of our loyalty program or if you would like to make your shopping easier in the future, please register first.

1. Registration

During the registration you will enter your name, address, login and contact dasta. The registration is free of charge. Hobby Shop engages that all the given information are secret and won´t be provided to the third person.

You can register at anytime by clicking "Register" button on the top left. All the data could be modified. You just have to login and click your name.

2. Catalogue

All items are sorted into departments no matter of producer or scale. If you would like to display the items of some producer or scale plese use the relevant filter from the left or right column. For more details refer to the section Filters below.

You can navigate through the catalogue using the department tree displayed on the left, by clicking on the picture of the department or by clicking in the row showing your current position in the catalogue.

Following will be displayed after the department is selected:
a) list of subdepartments, if they contain more than 10 items together
b) list of items, if the selected department does not contain further subdepartmnets or the subdepartments contain less than 10 items

The items could be displayed in one or two columns, use the icons to the left of the fulltext search. In case of a longer list, the items are devided into more pages. The list could be sorted by cat. no., name or price. In addition, you can display just the items, which are currently on stock. According to our loyalty program the second price may be displayed. This already included your current discount.

All the prices are in USD exclusive VAT, if not specified in other way.

3. Filters

Filters allow you to display only selection of models. You can use filter for producer, scale, epoch or railway authority. You can select combination of several filters. You can change selected filter on the top left position of the page. In case a filter is used, only models matching the selected criteria will be displayed.

4. Fulltext search

You will find the fulltext search on the top right position of the page. Catalogue number, description, detail and railway authority fields will be searched for the entered text. The result of the search is displayed as a list of items or departments.

5. Shopping cart

All models are placed into shopping cart if clicking on the icon next to the product. You can display the contect of the shopping cart by clicking on the icon located top right at any time. Here you can cancel, change or confirm you order as well.

6. Order

If you want to order selected items, you have to confirm your order. This may be done in the shopping cart. Please select the way of transport first and then the payment method.  Postage is charged based on the amount of the order, please find more details here. Verify or eventually fill in the invoicing and delivery address. Click the "Prepare the order" button. Do the final crosscheck and press the "Send the order" button. The order will be passed for processing.

7. Order processing

We will contact you usually within 3 days after the order was inserted into the system to inform you how we will process it. If the models are on our stock, we will deliver immediately. Otherwise we will order the missing items by the producers and deliver usually within a month (if the items are on the producer's stock). In case of small-series producers the delivery condition could be longer, sometime up to couple of months.

Goods dispatch will be announced to you by email. In case, that your order will be not completely executed, you will be asked for confirmation of interest in so far undelivered models. This could be delivered to you in one of following ways:

a) Free of charge, together with first delivery of your another order
b) Separately and free of charge, if the total amount is higher than the limit
c) Separately, the customer pay postage according to our conditions

If you do not confirm your interest within 21 days, the undelivered goods can be canceled. Cancellation also follows if it is not possible to deliver it for longer than 6 months.

Special offer
Passanger car Bai 8dv. Praha
Passanger car Bai 8dv. Praha
68.75 €
Refrigerator waggon Gkhs
Refrigerator waggon Gkhs
16.25 €
2.08 €
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